Yummly Pro Global Kitchen Kit

Your new global pantry staples kit from includes:

OMED Yuzu Oil (8.5 oz)
A Yuzu-rind-infused oil with a complex floral fragrance and gentle citrus finish. 

Basbaas Somali Tamarind Date Sauce (8 oz)

A subtly smoky chutney made from tomatoes, dates, tamarind and peppers.

Snuk Smoked Basmati Rice (8 oz)
A super-premium extra-long grain rice enhanced by a touch of smoke.

Regalis Truffle Sauce (3 oz)
Fragrant Italian summer black truffles are minced with champignon de paris and extra virgin olive oil to create a sauce perfect for tossing with pasta or spreading over crisp bruschetta.

Mama Lam’s Malaysian Curry Paste (4 oz)

Made with a traditional Malaysian recipe including coconut milk, vegetable oil, curry powder, shallots, hot sauce, garlic, sugar, salt, and shrimp paste. Best used with sautéed chicken, seafood, and vegetables.

Yolele African Fonio (10 oz)

A West African Superfood with a mild nutty flavor and couscous-like texture.

Yugeta Double Brewed Soy Sauce (360 ml)
An intensely concentrated shoyu with a distinct syrupy quality that’s noticeably less salty than other Japanese soy sauce.

Snuk Shichimi Togarashi (1 oz)
A popular Japanese seven-spice blend adding balanced heat and spice.

Snuk Dried Curry Leaves (0.3 oz)
A complex and aromatic South Asian Seasoning unrelated to curry powder.

Red Boat Fish Salt (3 oz)
Red Boat Fish Salt is infused with fish sauce and adds a natural touch of umami to any dish.

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