Snuk X Atina Foods Immunity Gift Box

Looking for a unique healthy gift this holiday season? Give the Atina Foods Immunity Gift Box comprised of 4 powerful and delicious Ayurvedic products made in the to boost immunity! Crafted in small batches in Catskill, New York, this is the perfect present to help keep your loved ones healthy this winter.

What’s inside:

INJI PULI: Ginger Tamarind Leyham (Herbal Jam). Combining the 6 tastes of Ayurveda; Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter, Astringent, Inji Puli is a traditional South Indian digestif and appetizer. 

TURMERIC GINGER HERBAL JAM: This jam is known in Ayurveda to aid the body against inflammation and pain. A combination of fresh organic turmeric and ginger combined with tamarind and whole pickled black peppercorns preserved in jaggery.

GARLIC SCAPE PICKLE: Delicious assistance to activate the body’s immune system and gut health. Local NY garlic scapes are lacto-fermented with salt, no water or vinegar, and combined with an energetic enlivening spice combination. 

PICKLING SPICE KIT: Make your own Uppilittathu, traditional South Indian ferments, with this potent spice kit.

HAUDENOSAUNEE SKUNK DRY POLE BEAN: After restoring yourself, restore the land, by planting 1 magic native bean at a time!



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