Poi Dog Maui Lavender Ponzu 5oz

Lavender blossoms from Maui are steeped with katsuobushi in Japanese yuzu juice, shoyu and rice vinegar, creating a floral version of yuzu ponzu. Maui Lavender Ponzu makes a great substitution for soy sauce to dip fried dumplings, sushi and sashimi. Use it to transform noodles into a full meal or add a few dashes to olive oil for a quick, tropical vinaigrette.

  • Ingredients: Soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), yuzu juice, lime juice, mirin (water, rice, alcohol, salt, enzyme, koji), rice vinegar, sugar, ginger, katsuobushi (dried bonito - fish), dried lavender
  • Net Weight: 5 fl oz (142g)


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