Yun Hai Shangi Taiwanese Plum Powder 1.7oz

Commonly given out in little baggies at Taiwanese fruit stands, is a staple in Taiwan for sprinkling on fresh fruits. It's closely related to Li Hing Mui Powder, the addictive pink powder sprinkled on everything from pineapples to gummy bears to popcorn in Hawaii. Made by a third-generation plum family, the plum powder is made from fresh green plums that are brined with sea salt then sun dehydrated for two months before being ground into a powder. Yun Hai powder is sour, sweet, and savory all at once. We suggest using it with the dried fruit as well—just sprinkle a bit on. 

Ingredients:  plum, salt, sugar, and licorice powder

  • All-natural - No artificial sweeteners or food colorings

~Country of Origin~


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