The Qi Shangri-La Rose Flower Tea

The whole flower teas from The Qi bloom in hot water, bringing the natural world back to life, which feels like wizardry. "According to ancient Eastern philosophies when a plant flowers it is believed that it’s at the peak of its life and the flowers are the fruit of this highest level energy, Qi. When we take in this flower Qi, it can help us heal, too," says founder Lisa Li.

Shangri-La Rose has a subtle rosy flavor with slightly tangy, fruity notes, and a delicate fragrance. This one-of-a-kind high mountain rose cultivated in Shangri-La at 10,000 feet above sea level is known to promote radiant skin and hair.  Each flower is good for 2 refills of hot water in a 6-7oz cup. The petals of our Shangri-La Rose are edible.  

  • Naturally caffeine-free and calorie-free
  • Vegan, Non-GMO
  • Contains: 9 x Individually Packed Organically Grown Rose (27 cups)

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