Whole Lady Edison Extra Fancy Country Ham

Whole Lady Edison Extra Fancy Country Ham is a prime example of American terroir. It is a unique southern country ham with similarities to but not a copy of Prosciutto or Iberico. Funk is the proper definition of this ham which is dry-cured but not smoked like other country hams. The extremely marbled pork along with traditional curing processes gives Lady Edison an intense taste that highlights its funkiness in all the best ways.

Lady Edison starts with the hind legs of a pasture-raised, antibiotic and hormone-free, heritage cross of Berkshire, Chester White and Duroc hogs raised by 13 single family Animal Welfare Approved farmers. The legs are cured in salt and sugar and aged for 18-22 months in a traditional North Carolina ham house.

  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • 12-15 lb. boneless legs (Average 14 lb.)
  • Must ship flat rate 2 day shipping $50

~Country of Origin~


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