Bunches & Bunches Green Fire Roasted Chile Sauce 15oz

Handmade in Portland, Oregon, Bunches & Bunches Green Chile sauce is made from ripe tomatillos, fire-roasted poblano, anaheim and serrano peppers and a squeeze of fresh lime juice resulting in a smokey green chile sauce balanced by a hint of warm spices and tang. Use to slow cook chicken, pork or top tacos and breakfast burritos. 

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Approximately 5 portions per container
  • Net Weight 15 oz (425g).
  • Handmade and packaged with care by Bunches & Bunches Ltd. in Portland, OR.
  • Winner of a 2018 Good Food Award.
  • Shelf Life of 1 year

~Country of Orgin~ 

United States

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