Jookjangyeon Premium Doenjang 17.63oz

Made in Jookjang-ri, a valley on the eastern seaside of Korea, this 1,000 day fermented doenjang (pronounced dwen-jahng) is deep and rich in flavor. Jookjangyeon doenjang is made using the traditional technique that has been passed down for generations, resulting in a salty, savory, and funky (think blue cheese) flavor profile. The addition of this punchy fermented soybean paste provides an instant umami boost and depth of flavor.

Ingredients: Only Soybean, Salt, and Water

  • 1,000 days of fermentation
  •  Naturally  Gluten-free
  • No chemical additives such as preservatives, artificial colorings, or synthetic seasoning. 

Jookjang-ri, Korea

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